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Lady Suzanne is truly amazing and that's why it's so easy for her to seduce you into chastity. She teases you looking extremely hot in black stockings and high heels, but will not allow you to get an erection. Your erection denial is absolute and you are not allowed to be turned on by her even though she is too hot for words. She teases you with her beautiful legs and ass.

Lady Suzanne is your chastity doctor and she is wearing the uniform to prove it. She is treating you for your obsessive masturbation syndrome. The only way that she can keep your obsession under control is to make you wear a chastity device. Only see holds the key as your dick is locked in a tiny cage. The long-legged slender brunette shows off her white bra and panties while wearing her white high-heeled shoes.

Lady Suzanne shows you a pair of white chastity panties. She wants you to wear a pair like them while you watch this hot point of view video. The slender brunette knows your biggest desire is to be locked in chastity for her. She knows that you can't be locked in a hard cage around the clock without her to watch over you. Lady Suzanne has given you instructions on how to be chastised in this clip.

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