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Mistress Van Licks and her friend wanted this guy to learn how to use a chastity device. The mistresses laughed at him as he got scared and tried to beg them to let him go and to not humiliate him. But the decision had already been made and he had no say in the matter. All he had to do was follow their instructions and he did that to avoid any escalation.

This guy was testing mistress Ava Black and he did not know what she was capable of. He regretted it when she turned him into a chastity slave and she had him wear a chastity device. The mistress did not care what he felt as she was out to make sure that he never messed with her again. The device was geared to make her control him and she did.

This guy was nonsensical and lady Victoria did not have the time to entertain him or any of his nonsense. She had to make sure that she dominated him and he was humiliated in the way she felt that he deserved. So she tricked him into wearing a chastity device and she had fun controlling his dick and what he did with it. She even teased him with her pussy but in a thong and he got hurt as his dick expanded and got hurt by the device.

Goddess Kira needed to try chastity humiliation and she did it in a way her ex had never even heard of. She did not tell him what she wanted to do or what she was doing. All she did was have him wear a chastity device and she had fun controlling him with it as she hid the chastity key. He had gone to have sex with her but he ended up being her bitch after that.

Lady Meli had made her chastity slave wear a chastity device and when reality hit him of what it was and why she had made him wear it, he cried and he begged her to remove it. She told him that would only happen in his dreams or when he paid for it. He chose to pay for it. It was cruel and brutal but there was nothing he could do about it.

Mistress Mayhem loves to send a message in a cruel or humorous way depending on what she feels. That is why today she felt that the best way to humiliate this guy was to use her chastity fetish to do it. So she humiliated him in a way he had never felt before. He had been made to wear the device and then he was scared that he had lost control over his own penis.

This guy was insecure and lady Ayse did not want to deal with such a person for long. That is why she opted to humiliate him and dominate him as cruelly as she could. The mistress had fun making him a chastity slave. After he wore the chastity device the way she had tricked him to, he realized that he had surrendered control over his dick to her as she had the chastity key.

Mistress Isabella needed to know that chastity humiliation worked before she could try it on a man she was in a relationship with. That is why she chose to try it out on a slave. She summoned him and she teased him a little to make him receptive then sent him to go and wear it. He did thinking it would make her want to continue messing with her. But he realized it was trap.

This chastity slave was made to wear a chastity device. He could not do anything much with his dick other than to pee with it. He thought that massaging her feet would make her calm down and she would agree to remove the device but she did not. The mistress enjoyed the massage and she still left the device on his dick. She told him only she knew when it would come off.

Mistress Ava wanted to tease this guy with her chastity device before making him wear it. The mistress played with it and it look like the ultimate sexual device and the guy was sold. He agreed to wear it and that is when he lost control of his dick to her. She had it locked with a chastity key and she was the only one who had the keys to it.

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