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Mistress Lisa Jordan starts this point of view video off by showing you her pierced naval. She then pulls down her panties while you sit in your chastity device waiting to be released. The dominating brunette humiliates you for she knows that you need her permission to cum. She turns around and bends over before slipping her fingers between her beautiful round buttocks. Now if only she can remember where she put the key to your chastity device.

Queen Aston is wearing a hot pink see-thru top and a black bra. She tells you that every slave should be kept in chastity. They should be denied the release of having any orgasms and only milked by their Mistress. The dominating brunette goes on about her unique style of training in this point of view video. She humiliates you while she keeps you locked up in a cage. Queen Aston knows how to weaken your resistance with her smile and voice.

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