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Mistress Harley wanted to ensure her slave did not mess around while she was away for work. She did not want to go with him because he also had his work and so she came up with a way to make him wear a chastity device. She teased him with her big ass and her big tits and he fell for the trick and he did what she asked and that is how he wore a chastity device until she got back.

Mistress Harley loves to humiliate using her sexy ass and sexy tits. She has both of them big and she likes to use them to facilitate her fun. She used them to tease this guy but to make sure he was not playing around, she had a chastity device on him and she was the only one who could remove it and so he was at her mercy if he wanted to get out his misery.

When you are as hot as mistress Harley, having fun is usually easy. Instead of having fun with people, she likes to have it at their expense. In other words, humiliating them makes her have even more fun. Today she bought a chastity device and had this guy she wanted to humiliate wear it. Then she teased him till he got a massive erection. She left him there and went for a drive and then came back to continue from where she had left.

Mistress Harley is wearing a pair of black fishnet pantyhose underneath her black shorts. She is topless so she can show off her pierced nipples in this point of view video. The dominating tattooed redhead tells you to lock up your pathetic cock while you look at her small tits. She likes to humiliate you while you are wearing your chastity device so you better have it on right now.

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