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Princess Lauva was broke and she needed to make some quick money. So she hooked up with this loaded guy and enticed him so much she followed him to her apartment. When she reached there, she teased him and naughtily made him wear a chastity device. Then she blackmailed him to give her money so that she could take it off. The poor guy had to part with a tidy sum.

When you are as hot as mistress Harley, having fun is usually easy. Instead of having fun with people, she likes to have it at their expense. In other words, humiliating them makes her have even more fun. Today she bought a chastity device and had this guy she wanted to humiliate wear it. Then she teased him till he got a massive erection. She left him there and went for a drive and then came back to continue from where she had left.

When this guy cheated on his girlfriend, she decided to make him pay for it. She got a chastity belt and she used it on him. He would not be able to do anything without her permission now. To make it even more interesting, she decided to torture him by flirting with him and teasing him and doing all the things he loves but then leaving him high and dry.

This mistress is a weird one and has a fetish for humiliating guys using her chastity fetish. She is hot and she knows they cannot say no to her. She liked this guy and he gave it to her real good. But she did not want him to do that to anyone else so she got him a chastity belt and only allowed him to have sex when she wanted. But that did not stop her from humiliating him and turning him on with her flirting but still denying him sex.

Princess Kate is a sexy mistress by all accounts. Today she was inducting this guy into her chastity fetish world. She was wearing her thong and showing off her sexy ass. She teased him and made him horny but she of course did not let him get a release. When he could not handle it any longer, she let him jerk himself off to satisfaction, but do it according to her instructions.

Bratty Jamie knows that you hate wearing your chastity belt, but she loves the fact that she can use it to torture you and make you squirm in pain as she gets you hard. She is wearing her tiniest bra and panties as she waves her entire body in front of your face, letting you inhale her amazing scents. Then she opens up her legs and rubs herself while your cock shoots straight up and into the cage of the belt.

This femdom really loves to torture her slave and today she is going to show you exactly how she does it and why she likes it so damn much. He is constantly under orders not to orgasm, but she likes to drive him right to the edge to test him. She has him bound to a rack on his back when she takes out her vibrator and runs all over his balls, tempting him to explode.

These femdoms what you to know exactly what it would be like to give your chastity over to them, and you probably wouldn't enjoy it very much. They wave the key to your chastity belt in front of your face, but never let you touch it. They hide it inside their panties because inside those things is certainly no place that you will ever be allowed to go. Too bad.

This cute blonde has a toy for you and you may not like it, but you like her, so you better put it on. She knows how bad you want to have an erection when you look at her sexy legs in a short skirt, but she will not allow it. She traps your dick in a chastity device and your erection will be denied unless she says that it is okay.

This cute Asian babe lies on her stomach on the bed and she looks so hot that you already feel like having an erection. Well, you better make that erection go down because she is not going to allow it. You are her chastity slave and she has a chastity device to make sure that your cock does not get hard unless she says that it is okay. She loves this power over you.

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