Chastity Humiliation - Male chastity humiliation - locked in a chastity belt - Page 16

This guy had misbehaved and Princess Kate had to punish him. She tied a chastity device on his dick and made him do all she wanted. She would flirt with him and then leave him to try and cool himself off. Sometimes his erections would be painful because of the tight chastity device. But today she wanted to reward him and she did so by allowing his dick to be free and for him to wax his carrot.

This mistress wanted to try a lot of things. She started with a foot fetish. She had gone out and gotten herself a guy and she made him lick her feet and pamper them the way she wanted. She first of all made sure he had a chastity device on him before that. She then used him to try all the things she had in mind and his only prize was being made to jerk off.

Princess Kate was paid by her friend to humiliate this guy and she did it superbly. She got him to wear a chastity device without knowing what it was. Then she tortured him by flirting with him and showing off her big tits and her sexy ass. He was horny it hurt. But she did not stop there. She continued her naughty and kinky techniques but left him high and dry. She did not even make her jerk off.

Mistress Ava Black had had her slave in his chastity device for quite some time and she wanted to let him have a breather. She went and removed it and enjoyed teasing him. She teased him and made him get a crazy erection but he was afraid he would be made to wear the chastity device. The mistress instead made him jerk off to her big tits and nice ass.

Princess Lauva was broke and she needed to make some quick money. So she hooked up with this loaded guy and enticed him so much she followed him to her apartment. When she reached there, she teased him and naughtily made him wear a chastity device. Then she blackmailed him to give her money so that she could take it off. The poor guy had to part with a tidy sum.

Princess Kate wore her lingerie and she bent over and almost put her ass on her husband's face. She knew he loved her ass and enjoyed things from behind but this time round, he was tied to a chair and he was wearing a chastity device. So all she was doing was torturing him. She wanted him to stop liking having sex so much because he was making her tired all the time.

When you are as hot as mistress Harley, having fun is usually easy. Instead of having fun with people, she likes to have it at their expense. In other words, humiliating them makes her have even more fun. Today she bought a chastity device and had this guy she wanted to humiliate wear it. Then she teased him till he got a massive erection. She left him there and went for a drive and then came back to continue from where she had left.

Mistress Nikki wanted to try this chastity device. She bought it and went home and used it on her slave. She knew using it on him would not be worth it if she did not add a little excitement. She therefore turned him on and made him horny through her seductive moves and teases. He felt like his dick would burst but the mistress did not care and left him in that state.

When this guy cheated on his girlfriend, she decided to make him pay for it. She got a chastity belt and she used it on him. He would not be able to do anything without her permission now. To make it even more interesting, she decided to torture him by flirting with him and teasing him and doing all the things he loves but then leaving him high and dry.

This mistress is a weird one and has a fetish for humiliating guys using her chastity fetish. She is hot and she knows they cannot say no to her. She liked this guy and he gave it to her real good. But she did not want him to do that to anyone else so she got him a chastity belt and only allowed him to have sex when she wanted. But that did not stop her from humiliating him and turning him on with her flirting but still denying him sex.

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