Chastity Humiliation - Male chastity humiliation - locked in a chastity belt - Page 17

Princess Kate is a sexy mistress by all accounts. Today she was inducting this guy into her chastity fetish world. She was wearing her thong and showing off her sexy ass. She teased him and made him horny but she of course did not let him get a release. When he could not handle it any longer, she let him jerk himself off to satisfaction, but do it according to her instructions.

Lady Karame has her slave handcuffed to the wall with a bit in his mouth and she is going to use her carpet beater to teach him how to behave. She beats his ass a few times before taking out a chastity device and attaching it to his tiny little dick. Then she gets back to beating him until he gets hard and learns just how chastity really works now.

Lady Karame has kept her slave in a chastity device for six whole months and today she is finally going to take it off and let him cum, but not from her. She orders her other slave down on his knees and tells him to suck the other slave's cock. He happily does as he is told and takes the cock into his mouth until the slave fills it with cum.

Bratty Jamie knows that you hate wearing your chastity belt, but she loves the fact that she can use it to torture you and make you squirm in pain as she gets you hard. She is wearing her tiniest bra and panties as she waves her entire body in front of your face, letting you inhale her amazing scents. Then she opens up her legs and rubs herself while your cock shoots straight up and into the cage of the belt.

Lady Karambe has her two male slaves together and she is going to make them play together to see which one happens to be just a little gayer than the other. She has them both in painful chastity devices and orders them to play with each other's asses and bodies while she watches. She waits until one slave starts moaning in pain to know that being gay is getting him hard.

This femdom really loves to torture her slave and today she is going to show you exactly how she does it and why she likes it so damn much. He is constantly under orders not to orgasm, but she likes to drive him right to the edge to test him. She has him bound to a rack on his back when she takes out her vibrator and runs all over his balls, tempting him to explode.

Inked Princes has had many sets of chastity keys sent to her and now she wants you to send yours. Maybe you'll get them back, but maybe not. It will always be her decision and she can never tell just how she'll feel from day to day. Once you send her your keys, you can beg and cry to get them back, but it will always be her decision, without a doubt.

Kittydevine has owned you for quite some time and now it's time to sit down and have a talk about your work and where it is going in the near future. She is going to let you know how you've been doing, but she also has something important to tell you. Her boyfriend is going to be moving in with her. That means you will keep your chastity and be cleaning up his cum.

Mistress Nora Marinelli is going to explain to you just how miserable she is going to be making you while you are in her service for the rest of your life. She is going to control every aspect of your life and make sure that no one ever touched your tiny little cock again. You will be kept in chastity and never be allowed to take it off and relieve yourself.

Lady Karame has her pathetic slave wearing his favorite women's clothes and wig, along with a painful spike chastity device to cause him a lot of pain. She gets down on her knees and uses her mouth to get him hard. His little cock presses painfully against the spike, making him scream in agony, but she doesn't stop. She makes him as hard as he can get and tries to make him cum.

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