Chastity Humiliation - Male chastity humiliation - locked in a chastity belt - Page 20

This mistress wanted to try chastity fetish on her man. She knew his weaknesses and she exploited them to the max. She flirted with her boyfriend and she told him that for him to have the cookie, he had to do what she told him and she added that he had to use a device. After he had done it, she told him it was not good enough and he had to repeat it.

Akara is a mistress who knows and loves to do all the crazy things. If it crazy, she will do it or at least attempt it. Today she was in the mood for some chastity fetish. And she had her big tits to thank for. She used them to lure guys who she lied to that it made her horny to see them use chastity devices. The guys were blinded by the tits and did what she wanted.

Sarah Blake likes to humiliate guys because she is pretty. She knows the art of seduction and she capitalizes on her looks to make guys do what she wants. She likes telling them to use her chastity devices and that it turns her on when they do that. They do not know that she is making fun of them and it is not turning her on in any way whatsoever.

Lisa Jordan is a smoking hot mistress. She likes to use her hot looks to humiliate other people and especially guys. She likes to tease them and then make them humiliate themselves. She sometimes even gives them the instructions on how to humiliate themselves. Today she was armed with chastity devices that she wanted her slaves to use while she watched them and recorded what they did. It was lots of fun.

Lindsey Leigh loves to make fun of guys. That is why she loves chastity fetish. She enjoys it when she makes them use chastity devices. Today she wants them to use the dildos, chastity devices as well as female panties she has. She wants to see how this will be compared to the others she has made them do in the past. And from the look of things, it will be explosive.

This mistress loves chastity fetish. She loves it because it is humiliating to her slaves. She also likes them to use chastity devices because she has fun seeing them use these devices. This mistress is hot and cruel at the same time and this makes for a deadly combination. When she wants them to do something, no one has the balls to tell her no. It can be disastrous to do that.

To be effective at chastity fetish, this mistress knows that it is imperative for her to know how to fuck the minds of her slaves. She loves to mess with them and brainwash them. That way, they are vulnerable to her and what she wants them to do. And she always manages to make them crazy things. It never ceases to amaze her how much power she wields over them.

If mistress Lizz La Reign has one gift, then it is the ability to hypnotize and get her slaves to do whatever it is she wants. She loves chastity fetish and she gets in their heads and brainwashes them and gets them to do all the things they have never imagined themselves doing. She always has lots of fun doing this and loves to do it any time she feels like.

Kitty Divine loves to humiliate. It is in her blood. She does not do it for the money like other mistresses. She does it for the fun. She likes to see a guy humiliated and degraded. She loves it more when she is the one dominating that guy. Today she was trying chastity fetish. She made her slave do all the things she had thought of and he had no option but to do them.

Queen Aston loves to flirt and to tease. She is good at it and always drives guys wild and crazy. But she always leaves her best for her fetish. She has a chastity fetish and likes to make guys and slaves do all the nasty and naughty things she wants them to do. And they cannot dare to say no to her because they do not want to piss her off.

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